#SelimiOnKosovo: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Petrit Selimi talks about Kosovo and Digital Diplomacy.

A cura di Francesco Brunetti –

When appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affaris in 2011, Petrit Selimi was only 32 years-old. That made him one of the youngest members of the Cabinet under President of Kosovo Hachim Thaçi.

Confirmed in that position under President Isa Mustfa in 2014, we can read on the website of the MFA that «Selimi’s portfolio included establishment of public and digital diplomacy initiatives» (namely, achieving diplomatic objectives through new information and communication technologies), «supporting both lobbying efforts for Kosovo recognition in multilateral organizations as well as promoting internal reconciliation». For a State that is still claimed by Serbia as a part of its territory and not recognized by many actors of the international community (China, Russia, almost all South America etc.), Selimi’s role becomes essential.  And it seems that his lobbying efforts begun to bear fruit: Kosovo gained recognition from Apple, Google, Facebook, as well as airports, foundations and universities worldwide.

Petrit Selimi can rightfully be considered a digital diplomat. That’s why we’ve decided to interview him on twitter: simple and social.






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